Tuesday, May 30, 2023

L J Green Author - Passive Income Ideas for Authors

For all my fellow authors out there you too can have an eCommerce website with a little work, some imagination and patience. We are reviewing our experience on Shopify this month. So check out the website https://ljgreens-emporium.myshopify.com Join my mailing list at the bottom the site page and you will get updates when we add new, fun, specially designed products. And perhaps some eBooks as well - Stay Tuned!

Thursday, May 25, 2023

L J Green Author Now Has an Online Store

Just a quick video update and a little bit of fun for the day. I had to create a Shopify account for one of my school assignments and thought, why not use it as an online store for the series? I have a free 60-day trial before I have to begun paying the monthly fee. Hopefully, some people will like my designs or maybe just take pitty on my and buy somethings. Lillian's Online Emporium - https://ljgreens-emporium.myshopify.com The great thing is Shopify allows you to add the listing directly to your own website too! - Check out the new pages on the right side of the page to see the products we have created so far. On Yes, I also had to create a Business Page in order to be able to connect the new Shopify store to Facebook in order to offer them for sale there. Series Page on Face book - https://www.facebook.com/MisadventuresJanieAndDiane

Please Like, Share, Follow and Visit the New Online Store

Thursday, May 18, 2023

Dastardly Deeds at the Dearborn Theater Uploaded to Kindle Vella

Here is the latest promo video for the new book in the Misadventures of Janie and Diane series. We have over 30 chapters uploaded so far. Check it out!

Monday, May 8, 2023

Janie and Diane Go to Cuba

As a participant with the First Coast Romance Writers group my very first published novella will be added to the bi-annual anthology. This one is filled with 'sweet romances' somewhere in the tropics. Love the preliminary designs for the book cover. The anthology will be available for pre-order in June. The picture above gives some hints about the elements within the story. And yes, there will be a romance. Stay Tuned for More Details!

The story is an in-between short set after the Bloody Murder at the Blanche Hotel and one other that hasn't been written yet. I know that seems a little strange but the opportunity to write a feature story for an anthology that is produced by one of the writers groups I joined last year was an exciting opportunity. Besides helping them with their Social Media and new website design I was also one of the volunteer judges for the NERFA contest. Those winners will be announced in July. 

The Anthology is non-paid for the writers. Each of us had to pay for our own editing but the club will be paying for a nice digital marketing package. This is considered a great opportunity for new writers to get their work out in the public. My editor is insistent though that after the six months contract is over I incorporate the story in a full novel. By then I hope to have all of the stories published on Kindle Vella and them have them revised and re-edited for publication as full-length novels.

In the meantime I have uploaded thirty-nine chapters, so far, for the new Kindle Vella book, Dastardly Deeds at the Dearborn Theater. Today there are episodes posted each weekday until June the 2nd. This story introduces the characters and why they started their adventures in the first place. The Dearborn Theater was a historical building in Chicago with a German Opera Theater and acting group putting on shows all through the year. The theater was built next to and part of the the old Schiller building with large sculpture heads of men from the theater including Shakespeare gazing down on the patrons as they entered the building. It was also known as the Garrick Theater. Sadly the whole thing was demolished in the 1970s.

From Chicago History Website

Opened in 1891, the Schiller Theater was originally funded by former Illinois Staats-Zeitung publisher Anton C. Hesing (1823-1895) and other German investors and was projected to be used for German-language operas and cultural events.

I am collecting names and emails for ARC Readers for the upcoming anthology. If you would like to participate I have a couple of slots opened. I also would like to start a news letter for the Janie and Diane Series. Please use the CONTACT FORM on the right side of the page and I will add you to the listing. Gmail account holders can also click on the FOLLOW button. 

Prizes and Giveaways will be forthcoming