About L.j. Green Author

Hello, My name is L.J. Green. If you really must know that stands for Lillian Jade Green. I am a newly penned author recounting the tales of my late, great aunt and cousin who were quite the black sheep of the family I must tell you. I had just graduated from high school when our nation was fully involved in some horrific and trying times. With nothing better to do I went to clean out our attic and I found some old diaries. They were tucked away in an old steamer trunk that my mother had inherited from her mother. My own mother was never interested in the contents as they looked to be well-preserved and undisturbed for quite a number of years. I truly enjoyed reading them during that long, hot summer when we had very little money for frills of any kind and no prospects for that changing any time in the future.

Having enjoyed them I thought I would turn them into a fiction series for you to enjoy as well. The adventures that follow are almost entirely recounted as written with just a flourish or two of my own. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I have in reading and recounting them.