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Where Trade Winds Meet by L.J. Green. Novella inside the Romancing the Tropics year 2.
This story captures the blossoming connection between William and Muriel as they bond over their shared dreams of exploration and adventure, defying societal expectations and forging a deep, resolute bond in the vibrant setting of Key West, Florida in 1910. 

A Widow's Dilemma in Cuba - Novella Available as a separate book beginning January 2024

A widow ventures to the tropical paradise of Cuba for a vacation with her niece. Reunited with a former friend of her husband's, her heart gets involved. Will she get a second chance at love?

Diane and her niece, Janie, have been traveling together, saving political figures, solving crimes, and capturing spies for the last couple of years. Now they are going on a tropical vacation in Cuba. Diane will be confronting her past and Janie is coming along for the ride.


Published as Part of an Anthology

The Widow's Dilemma in Cuba - a novella from the Misadventures of Janie and Diane series that is part of the First Coast Romance Writers Spring/Summer 2023 Anthology. This is a fund-raising event for the club and the authors have agreed to allow an exclusive 6-month contract on the stories being published within the book. The official release date for the paperback and eBook versions is July 19, 2023. 

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