Friday, June 2, 2023

Romancing the Tropics Anthology Has Short Story from L.J. Green

The Widow's Dilemma in Cuba by L.J. Green. 1904. A widow ventures to the tropical paradise of Cuba for a vacation with her niece. Reunited with a former friend of her husband's, her heart gets involved. Will she get a second chance at love? I volunteered this short story for the groups fundraising efforts. They support local writers with informative workshops, annual romance awards, membership only website with lots of great resources. The story is available for preorder today until July 19, 2023 when you will receive your eBook or paperback you ordered. The anothology is filled with sweet romance stories set somewhere in the tropics from 1904 to today and even a paranormal one or two. Below is a rendering of the preliminary book cover for this particular story

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