Saturday, November 4, 2023

It's That Time of Year Again - NaNoWriMo2023

YES! It is that time of year again. Have you signed up for #NaNoWriMo2023? Well, I have and I am determined to finally finish both "Bloody Murder at the Blanche Hotel" and "Dastardly Deeds at the Dearborn Theater" Because I still have 3 or 4 books waiting in the wings for the Misadventures of Janie and Diane. I have one chapter done in the Blanche series and I will be doing one chapter tonight in the Dearborn one. Of course, as I get them done they will be posted on Kindle Vella for all to read, comment, like and subscribe to.

I really just wanted to see how many words I actually type in a month when I do it regularly. Yes, I have gone back to college and am taking 2 courses in 7 weeks before the Spring term begins. I am hoping to get scholarships and grants by then so that I can take 6 classes in Spring, 4 in summer and that will leave only 4 or 5 for next Fall! Obtaining my bachelor's degree has always been a goal of mine. So wish me luck. 

And if you really want to help an author out you will purchase coins to read my stories on Kindle Vella, buy some merch from my LJ Green's Emporium and share all of these with your friends and family. Directed donations for my college fund are also very much appreciated. My Company - Southern Dragon Publishing - is also offering discounts on their services for self-publishing authors who are just starting out and want to get their book business off to the right start. She has self-publishing packages and even personal one-on-one training sessions available in the coming weeks and months. These are all scheduled through her ZOOM account.

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