Saturday, January 20, 2024

L J Green Author - A Widows Dilemma in Cuba Goes Video

A Widows Dilemma in Cuba Goes Video - We now have the story available in as many formats as possible. It is a novella and we have ordered the paperback versions of the books and hope to have them in our hands before the end of the month. 

A widow ventures to the tropical paradise of Cuba for a vacation with her niece. Reunited with a former friend of her husband's, her heart gets involved. Will she get a second chance at love?

 Diane and her niece, Janie, have been traveling together, saving political figures, solving crimes, and capturing spies for the last couple of years. Now they are going on a tropical vacation in Cuba. Diane will confront her past and Janie is coming along for the ride.

Check out the formats for the story and where you can get them today - CLICK HERE

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