Sunday, September 25, 2022

Up to 4 Episodes Posted

Bloody Murder at the Blanche Hotel

That's right boys and girls the first 3 episodes have been uploaded to Kindle Vella and are free to read. Episode 4 is published but you have to use your coins to purchase it. Since, Amazon is giving every person who is just starting out on Kindle Vella - 200 FREE coins, I hope you will use it on my book. Of course, liking, sharing and commenting is always nice too. The link for the series is:

The cover picture above is the latest one. This may not be the final one as there is a bit of tweaking we need to do. And depending on the feedback we get from the readers this story may even be edited to include more "Steampunk" elements. There are a few here and there throughout the story but after having a little talk with my characters it seems they want a more exciting style than an old-fashioned cozy mystery series. Granted, it is a historical fiction book and is set just on the edges of the time period for what most steampunk stories may set in but my main character and her partner feel a little stifled with this current theme of the story. 

Your feedback will be greatly appreciated. As it stands right now, this is a pretty straight-forward cozy mystery set in the year 1903. The place, time and most of the story parameters will not be changing. If you think it would benefit with some of these "steampunk" types of elements, let me know. They can be added and if you have already purchased the chapters you will be informed when they are updated and you should not be charged again.

episode 1
episode 2
episode 3
episode 4

Monday, September 19, 2022

Welcome to our Kindle Vella Adventures


After much debate with myself I decided to post all of the chapters I have so far of the first book in the new named "Misadventures of Janie and Diane" historical mystery series. The first book (season) is called "Bloody Murder at the Blanche Hotel". There are three other books planned in the series. 

Click on the link to begin