Monday, March 4, 2024

L J Green Author - Update on The Series

I have decided to try another avenue for the Misadventures of Janie and Diane series. I have taken down Bloody Murder at the Blanche Hotel as well as Dastardly Deeds at the Dearborn Theater from Kindle Vella. 

Using AI can help you with your writing and your digital marketing. If nothing else it can be a way for us to find out what might or might not work when it comes to the business of writing. I use AI to help me outline some of my stories as I am a notorious pantser. Now creating the videos using an avatar that I create should help me with the marketing aspect. I am using a pen name to write fiction so why not have create an avatar for all the social media stuff.

I have created some new pictures to use with avatar software and will be working on integrating it into the animation software for future videos. It has possibilities!

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