Friday, May 3, 2024

Writing a Different Sweet Romance Novella

I have submitted a new novella story to the First Coast Romance Writer's - Romancing the Tropics Year 2 that is currently in preorder. There are five sweet romance stories set somewhere in the tropics.  

Where Trade Winds Meet by L.J. Green. This story captures the blossoming connection between William and Muriel as they bond over their shared dreams of exploration and adventure, defying societal expectations and forging a deep, resolute bond in the vibrant setting of Key West, Florida in 1910.

The other stories

Not Another Jack by Leah Miles. Her final wedding gig takes an unexpected turn when a hunky Navy SEAL crashes the party, reigniting old flames and stirring new misunderstandings amidst the choppy seas of love.

The Gardener’s Secret by Sara J. Walker. In the tranquil beauty of the Keys, love and deception collide. Will their journey lead to healing or heartbreak?

Catch As Catch Can by Vanessa Victoria Kilmer. A private investigator is out to find an online hacker of billions of dollars. Will she catch the thief or find someone even more valuable on Grand Cayman Islands?

R&R, and a Rescue by Erika Kilmer Freidly. A couple of soulmates travel to St. Thomas for a much-needed vacation. They get caught up in the theft of Blackbeard’s coin.

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